About Us

Printing posters on foldable fabric for easy carry is the future. We created PosterSmith to make printing posters on crease-resistant fabric simple, easy, and fast.
The headquarters of PosterSmith is in Boston, Massachusetts. We identify ourselves as a technology company providing innovative and practical solution for conference presentation.
Since 2011, we have provided our service to more than 7000 institutes, organizations, and companies. We understand quality and deadlines. We understand clearly it is of utmost importance that we deliver the best quality posters to our customers in time for their upcoming presentations.
Entrust your printing job to PosterSmith. Our professional craftsmanship will guarantee the highest quality, and our diligent team will ensure your poster arrive on schedule.
Please feel free to reach out to us with comments, feedback, suggestions, and stories. For more information or any question, visit our BLOG, leave us a message, or email us at info@postersmith.com. We are looking forward to providing our service to you.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith
Director of Customer Care, PosterSmith
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