Frequently Asked Questions about Our Service ( Visit our BLOG for more FAQs )

1. When will you receive your poster?
This is the estimated arrival for orders placed with (*)(**)(***)
Order Placed
(by 8pm EST)
Scheduled Delivery
(by the end of the day)
Shipping Charge
Sun. & Mon. Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday & Sat. Tuesday
Please contact us for available locations of Next-Day or Same-Day delivery within the United States.
(*) This schedule is valid for continental U.S. and Canada. Please add +2 days if shipped to Europe.
(**) Please add one more day to the estimated arrival if a holiday is encountered.
(***) Add one more day to the schedule if you are ordering a FREE poster.
( Read this BLOG post for more detail >> )
2. Poster sizes and their prices?
Choose one of the options below for your poster size. We can print posters any size up to 60 x 240 inches. Our price includes free shipping and is the same worldwide.

Standard Size (Landscape & Portrait)

Size (in.) Price
30 x 40 $105
36 x 42 $123
36 x 48 $135
36 x 56 $151
36 x 60 $160
36 x 72 $185
36 x 84 $209
36 x 90 $222
36 x 96 $234
42 x 42 $137
42 x 48 $151
42 x 56 $171
Size (in.) Price
42 x 60 $180
42 x 72 $209
42 x 84 $238
42 x 90 $253
42 x 96 $267
45 x 45 $152
48 x 48 $168
48 x 56 $190
48 x 60 $201
48 x 72 $234
48 x 90 $284
48 x 96 $301

International Size

Size (cm) Price
A1 (59.4x84.1) $105
A0 (84.1x118.9) $129
70 x 100 $100
90 x 120 $135
90 x 150 $160
90 x 180 $185
100 x 100 $128
100 x 140 $164
100 x 200 $220
120 x 120 $168
120 x 150 $201
120 x 180 $234

These prices include free 2-day delivery. You can always take advantage of $20 off for every additional poster placed in the same order.
3. Why does the "Preview" look blurry after uploading my PDF to your site?
The "Preview" feature is for customers to verify whether they have uploaded the correct files to our website, but does not represent the final printout result. We will review your files for printing quality, and notify you immediately if there is any issue.
4. Do you ship internationally?
Our operation is worldwide. Our prices include free shipping to worldwide destinations. Shipping to US and Canada addresses takes 2 business days. Please add one more day for shipping to Europe or other overseas destinations.
5. Can I ship my posters to a hotel?
Yes, we can certainly deliver to your hotel. When placing your order, please use the hotel address as the shipping address. Most of the hotels that we have worked with have no problem taking care of the package before your arrival.
6. Do you accept purchase orders? How to set it up?
Yes. To order with a purchase order, please refer to the this link for instruction.
To setup a PO agreement between your school/company and, please have your administrator contact us at: or call us at: 617-383-7772.
7. What should I do if I can't upload my files to your site?
If your files are smaller than 25MB, please send the files by email ( If your files are larger than 25MB, please feel free to send us a link for downloading your files (e.g. using Dropbox sharing link).
8. What is the material of our fabric poster?
Close-up view of our fabric poster. The fabric poster offered by is made of 100% polyester fibers with UV inhibitor coating. This crease-resistant fabric is light and durable and is specifically designed for high resolution printing. The UV inhibitor coating prevents the ink printed on our fabric from fading like a paper poster typically does after just one year. The printing quality of our fabric poster is better than printing on the widely-used matte paper. Your poster printed on our fabric material will resemble the feeling of printing on a glossy paper (which has tighter surface and looks brighter) but generates no glossy-paper reflective glare.
9. Why does take only PDF format files?
This is because PowerPoint files don't always print the way they look on-screen. A great number of PowerPoint files encounter problems when moved from one computer to another -- graphics disappear or misprint, text and labels shift position, Greek letters vanish.
While other printing companies may take your PowerPoint files, what they actually do is to first convert your files to PDF format and then send them back to you for "digital proofing". This will inevitably delay the printing and shipment of your order by at least one day. We ask for only PDF format files because we don't want to surprise you by this unexpected extra day. We understand very well that our customers all have a presentation deadline to catch.
10. How to Setup Your Poster Size Correctly (PowerPoint)?
When you create a poster in PowerPoint, you are essentially creating one big "slide" that is your poster. The default slide size of a new PowerPoint presentation is 7.5" x 10". Printing a 7.5" x 10" page into a larger size poster likely would generate a poster that does not have enough resolution for quality viewing. Therefore, you have to set the slide size to the desired size of your poster.
How to set the slide size? IMPORTANT Follow these steps only before you add content to your slide. If you change the slide size or orientation after you add content, the content may be rescaled.
  1. (PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010) On the Design tab, in the Page Setup group, click Page Setup.
    (PowerPoint 2003) Pull down the File menu and click Page Setup.
  2. In the Slides sized for list, select Custom. Type or select the measurements that you want
    in the Width and Height boxes.
  3. To set the page orientation for the slides, under Orientation, under Slides, click Landscape or Portrait.
11. Portrait vs. Landscape?
Portrait orientation is when the poster is taller than it is wide, whereas landscape is the opposite. Although we only list landscape sizes in our website as size references, there is no need to worry about the orientation when submitting your poster file to us. We rotate it for you to fit best on our fabric.
12. How can I tell if the quality of my PDF is good enough for printing into a real size poster?
(1) Open your PDF file and check for its page size. The page size of your PDF file should be the same as that of your poster (unless later you want us to scale it up or down for you). To see the page size of your PDF file, please open your file in Adobe Reader, click on File tab, then Properties... -> Description -> Page Size.
(2) To see how your PDF file will look like after printing into a real poster, zoom to 100% of the PDF file. By doing so, you can get a rough idea of whether your presentation contents, such as charts, logos, figures or images, have enough resolution for printing into a real size poster.